Online registration form – Family Camp 2018


Group 1:   Cantonese Group for Adults 成人粤語組

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主題: 東西薈萃的巨人-多默牟敦 (Thomas Merton)

Speaker 講者: Sr Laura Watt, SPC 沙爾德聖保祿修會 屈淑美修女


Group 2:   English Group for Youth / Young adult / Adult  青年/成人英語組

Youth Group – from Year 7 to Tertiary; Adult Group – from 18 years up

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Theme: The Apostolic Exhortation (Gaudete et exsultate) on the Call to Holiness in Today’s World

Speakers 講者: Fr Gerard Kelly and Fr Norman Pena, SSP


Group 3:   Children Group from kindy to year 6 兒童組

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Supervised by Sr. Seeto 由司徒修女帶領




After you have registered online, you will need to provide payment in the form that you selected previously.


Send your payment to:

Account name: Chinese Catholic Community Inc.
BSB: 012-432
Account No: 250193503

Please quote ‘CAMP2018’ and name of applicant

After you make your payment, email your payment receipt to


If you are paying by cheque, please make it payable to ‘Chinese Catholic Community Inc.’ and lodge it with your Registration Form (if you haven’t registered online) and required documentation (see note 3) to any centre, Chinese school, Kingsgrove/Hurstville group.

Alternatively, you can post your cheque, required documents (see note 3) and registration form to CCC PO Box 517, Eastwood NSW 2122.



Make sure you email the appropriate documents (see note 3) to CCC along with your payment receipt. Once we have received your payment, we will contact you to confirm your registration.


NEED HELP? Contact a representative


Phone:  0490 026 379


PLEASE READ: Family Camp 2018 Terms & Conditions

FAMILY CAMP 2018 Terms & Conditions
The Chinese Catholic Community Incorporated (CCC) does not accept any responsibility for any loss and/or injury a participant and his/her family may suffer, travelling to and/or from, and/or during the Family Camp at St. Paul’s International College and/or related venue, whether as a result of an accident or otherwise. Nor will CCC accept any responsibility for any personal belongings lost and/or stolen while attending this Family Camp.

It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure that him/her and/or his/her family are covered by their own insurance against all personal loss and/or injury, and please ensure that all participants take all safety precautions.

Participants must have read and understood the above rules, and have explained them to their child/children.

Dates of the Event:
Family camp From 8:00 pm, 25/12 to 2:00pm 28/12

Venue of Event: St. Paul’s International College, 463 Argyle St. Moss Vale NSW and/or related venue.


1) Registration Fee is Non-refundable unless replacement can be arranged by Family Camp committee.不設退款。

2) All registrations are not transferable.名額不得轉讓。

3) If a participant is under 18 and not accompanied by a parent, a STATUTORY DECLARATION must be completed by the participant’s parent/guardian to appoint an adult participant as guardian. 十八歲以下未有家長或監護人陪同者﹐必需以STATUTORY DECLARATION 形式指定一成人參加者為營內監護人。Download the statutory Form here.

4) Each individual/family must complete a registration form to be lodged with payment (cheque) at any CCC centre. or post to PO box 414 Burwood NSW 1805 or by Electronic Fund Transfer to CCC account.

個人/家庭參加者須填妥報名表格﹐連同費用交任何CCC中心﹐或郵寄支票或電子轉帳收據到 PO box 517 Eastwood NSW 2122.

5) Registration Forms are available at all centres or can be downloaded from 報名表格可在CCC各中心索取或於下載。On-line registration is now available.

Participants are responsible for all damages to any third party property, including items at St. Paul’s International College and/or related venue.

Participants must have read and understood the above rules, and have explained them to their child/children.

If a participant is under 18 years of age and not accompanied by a parent, the STATUTORY DECLARATION Form (F) in the Registration Form must be completed by the participant’s parent/guardian. Download the statutory Form here.

PLEASE READ: Youth Group Rules


The following rules are set to ensure that everyone participating in our camp can enjoy the activities in a safe and supportive environment.

All campers are required to follow the following rules:‐

1. NO alcohol, drugs or smoking. These are strictly forbidden.
2. NO destruction of property.
3. NO swearing or bad language.
4. NO boys in girls’ rooms or vice versa.
5. NO youth is allowed to leave St. Paul’s International School area without the permission of camp leaders.
7. Be considerate to other campers, keep your voices down between 9 pm and 7 am. inclusive.
8. Lights out at 11:00 pm.
9. All Medication must be kept by parents/guardians or camp leaders.

If any youth fails to follow any of the above rules or behaves in an unacceptable manner, the youth will be asked to stay with his/her parent/guardian or will be sent home. The parent/guardian concerned will be contacted to pick up the youth from the camp.